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The Jump

His heart started beating faster as he climbed.

Every new step pumped an ounce more adrenaline to his veins.

He was breathing faster.

The wind soothed him.

But at this moment peace terrorised him.

The walk to the edge was the toughest.

It was as if he forgot how to walk.

Trembling on every step, he reached the edge.

He knew he wasn’t brave enough to be there.

Yet there he was.

He didn’t have the courage to look down.

The wind rustled beneath his feet and played with his hair.

The silence and calmness up there contrasted with the busy street below.

Far below.

The sky seemed conquerable from here.

He would soon do that anyway.

He loved the view.

He felt like God.

The wind beckoned him.

He looked up to the sky,

It looked like an ocean beside a desert.

Soon he would be swimming in that ocean.

He just had to let go of his fears.

He took two more steps.

Now, there’s nothing in-front of him.

Nothing solid.

He had to arch a bit backwards so as to counter the pull of the wind.

Gravity seemed to get stronger with every second.

Gravity was the one thing that he longed to defeat, his greatest enemy.

He was sure though, that he would be the one who wins tonight,

Not gravity.

He took a deep breath and then held it.

His heartbeat made him deaf.

He raised both his hands to his shoulders.

Straightened up.

And dove.


He was flying.

His heart was beating so fast, he couldn’t hear it anymore.

Adrenaline replaced blood.

He won!

The world was getting closer.

He was laughing.

He closed his eyes.

He loved it.

Everything stopped.

He was numb.

The sky seemed so far right now.

He was suddenly so sleepy.

He fought to keep his eyes open.

He tried to raise his hand.

Nope. He was so tired.

He was afraid that he won’t be able to open his eyes if he closed them.

He had to.

He did.