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“Breathe! Breathe!”

she couldn’t

she forgot

“Come on beth, open your eyes!”

she couldn’t

she forgot

“Say something!”

she couldn’t

she forgot

“Where am I?”

she doesn’t know

her eyes won’t open

or was it really dark?

she couldn’t tell

“Just breathe”

she couldn’t

it was easy

she knew

but couldn’t

“Help me!”

she screamed

she couldn’t hear herself

“Is this a dream!?”

she never knew

“You’re dying!”

“No,I’m not!”

Wait who was that?

Who said that?

Is somebody there with her

“Who is this?”

No answer

“You’re going to die”

The voice came again

“Who’s this? Answer me!”

No reply

She was angry

She started smiling

Suddenly she cried

She laughed

She screamed

She saw darkness

She felt at ease

“No, no I can’t give in”

“I won’t die”

“I simply won’t”

Death smiled

He never lose.