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Art, Time and Life

He drew in haste. He had deadlines to meet. It was ridiculous. This is not how it was supposed to be. You can never rush art. But he had to. He was bringing art to the realm of time. And he knew that it would bounce. He had no choice. The world is moving fast and he had to keep up with it.

You can never complete a work of art on time. Art never belonged to that dimension. The concept of time is foreign to Art. And in a way, it’s the gateway out of it. You can submerge yourself in art and let time fly by. And since art doesn’t belong to the dimension of time, you can never define art with time. The equations would seem completely ridiculous. Art is concentrated patience. It demands patience, to create, and to enjoy.

The moment you realize that patience creates art, why not make your life an art? Be patient and be prepared. Remember, art is really powerful, as it can change not only you but also the people around you. Immerse yourself in your art, whatever it is, and witness the magic that would unfold. And if you’re waiting till you find something that you’re good at, don’t forget that the one thing you can be good at is living your life and that one thing is all that matters.